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2018 Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championship form, click below on blue button 

Figure Overall Winner 

Lydia Sweetser

Classic Physique Winner 

Bob Goff


Overall BB


Kaleb Barnett


(Sold at the Door)

Pre-Judging: $20

Evening Show: $30


(Pre-Judging & Evening Show): $45

Kids 12 and under Free

Bikini Overall Winner 

Taylor Williams 

2018 Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championship form, click below on blue button 

Women's Posing Tutorial

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NGA Kentucky Natural Classic Entry form 2015.docDrug Testing Guidelines:

Drug testing screening methods used at NGA events are a means to determine eligibility. If competitors cannot successfully pass any screening methods used, they will not be allowed to compete if determined prior to the event (Ex. Polygraph test), or will be disqualified and be removed from official results if determined after an event (Ex. Urine test).

Competitors cannot have used any substances indicated as being banned for NGA competitions during the specified duration periods.

Forms of drug testing in addition to the required may be requested of select competitors at any event at the promoter's discretion and expense. This could include urinalysis, voice stress, blood, salavia, hair testing or other means of detection.  Competitors are ultimately responsible for substances they take.  If urine test results come back positive for any banned substance, competitors are disqualified regardless of what may have been responsible for the positive result and are banned from competing in the NGA for the disallowed duration for detected substances.

Step #3 (Reserve room at hotst hotel - Must be reserved by 9/12 for discounted rate)


Pre-Judging: 11am

Evening Show: 4pm

Mens Physique Overall Winner 

Douglas Ludman


Rupp Arena (Heritage Hall Ballroom)

450 W. Vine Street

​Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Womens Physique Winner

Chris Trimpey 

Men's Posing Tutorial

NGA Pro/Am  Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships

September 29, 2018 / Lexington, Ky

2018 NGA Kentucky Natural Classic Overall Amateur Winners 

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