April 20

Lexington, Ky


Men's Open Bodybuilding
 Lightweight (up to 156.25 lbs)

 Middle weight (over 156.25 lbs up to 172.25 lbs)

 Light Heavy weight (over 172.25 lbs up to 189.25 lbs) 

Heavy weight (over 189.25 lbs)

 JR Men's Bodybuilding (age 24 and under)

 Novice Men's Bodybuilding (never placed 1st or 2nd in any organization)

 Men's Master Bodybuilding (age 40 and over)

Men's Physique
Open Men's Physique
 Lightweight (up to 156.25 lbs) 

Middle weight (over 156.25 lbs and up to 172.25 lbs)

 Heavy weight (over 172.25 lbs)

 JR. Men's Physique (age 24 and under)

 Master Men's Physique (age 35 and older) 

Novice Men’s Physique (never placed 1st or second in an open class)

Classic Physique

Open Classic Men's Physique
 Classic Men's Physique Masters Classic Physique (age 40+)

 Open Figure 

Master's Figure (age 35 and older) 

Jr Figure (24 and under)

 Open Bikini

 Master's Bikini (age 35 and older) 

Master's Bikini (age 40-50)

 Master's Bikini (age 50 +) 

Novice Bikini (never placed 1st or 2nd)

 JR. Bikini ( age 24 and under)

Women's Physique
Womens Physique Open

Pro Categories:
Open to all Pro athletes with a currrent NGA Pro card and in good standing are qualified to compete. Pro athletes from other organizations that the NGA recognizes are welcome to compete in NGA Pro shows. However, through the NGA Office, the athlete must present proof of their Pro status and purchase an NGA Pro Card. This must be done prior to check in day. Pro cards cannot be purchased at check in. All athletes must be 7 years drug free.
Current NGA Pro Card
Open Pro Categories:
 Pro Men's Bodybuilding, 

Pro Men's Physique, 

Pro Women's Figure, 

Pro Women's Bikini, 

Pro Classic Physique

Master's Pro Categories:
 Master Pro Men's Bodybuilding

  Master Pro Women's Figure

Awards: Niels Andersen Sculptures awarded to top 5 in each class

Cash Prizes: (Pro Categories only)- Top 3 win cash prizes (*These payouts are guaranteed if there are at least 10 competitors in the class.)

1st- $500

2nd- $300

3rd- $200

 Amateur Entry Fee $ 60.00
 NGA Amateur Membership Card $ 75.00
 Amateur Cross-Over Fee $ 35.00 
 Pro Entry Fee $ 110.00
 Pro Cross-Over Fee $ 50.00
 Transformation Class Entry Fee (NGA Membership Card not required for this class) $ 60.00
 Promoter Fee (NGA Promoters only) $ 40.00