Introducing New Category!
Transformation Category!!!
For this you will not be asked to wear a posing suit, only athletic clothing that shows your progress. 
1.) Fill out entry form 
2.) You will need to send in a before and after picture
3.) Send in a short bio on yourself explaining how much weight loss or weight gain you have made. Your personal journey on your transformation.

(send in pics and bio to: 

This Transformation is not only about weight loss but can also be about your journey in overcoming anorexia/bulimia or other diseases such as cancer or other health disorders.
*This category is to celebrate your personal journey to a healthy lifestyle


(Sold at the Door)

Pre-Judging: $20

Evening Show: $30

Combo-Ticket: $45

(Pre-Judging & Evening Show)

Coach's Pass: $50

Kids 12 and under Free

NgA Men's Posing Video

Hair and Make-Up Appointment: 

Contact Danielle Braden (859) 749-1981


Register Today:

September 28, 2019

Lexington, Ky


New Category:

Our Mission:

We are a Natural Bodybuilding event hosting professional and amateur athletes. It is our mission to bring natural competitors an amazing experience through bodybuilding. We truly care for each athlete and make a point to let each competitor know that we care. 

NGA Women's Posing tutorial

Rupp Arena (Heritage Hall Ballroom)
450 W. Vine Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507


Pre-Judging: 11am

Evening Show: 4pm